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Habitations Jarry

Habitations Jarry is an apartment tower of 94 apartments for seniors aged 60 and over. It is located above the metro in Crémazie, a neighbourhood in the Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension borough. Residents now practice urban agriculture thanks to the creation of an urban garden on the terrace and the installation of OMHM’s first green roof.

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  • habitation jarry avant 1
  • habitation jarry avant 2
  • habitation jarry 1
  • habitation jarry apres 1
  • habitation jarry apres 2


Highly exposed to wind and urban heat.
Large asphalted area around the tower near the entrance to the Jarry metro station.
Underused concrete roof next to terrace.


The residents were involved and consulted throughout the various stages of the greening project.

  • Understand

    Information meeting with tenants
    Increase awareness of heat islands and their impacts.
  • Explore

    Design Workshop
    Create designs and plans by integrating the residents’ ideas and suggestions.
  • Decide

    Validation Workshop
    Decide on the designs with the residents according to budgetary and technical constraints (choice of plants, choice of urban furniture, etc.).
  • Act

    Planting Workshop
    Plant perennials and shrubs with tenants to encourage the management and maintenance of the improvements.
  • Inaugurate and Assess

    Impact Assessment
    Satisfaction assessment survey and inauguration to celebrate the improvements made.


  • Create a space for a container garden and adapt it to the needs of people with limited mobility
  • Create areas for receiving materials and making gardening easier
  • Green as many concrete areas as possible


  • Installed around 10 urban agriculture containers on the terrace
  • Installed a 700 ft2 green roof
  • Removed 300 ft2 of asphalt and planted 14 plants on the ground.

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