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Vert chez nous

Vert chez nous is a participatory greening project carried out in public housing complexes of the Office municipal d’habitation de Longueuil (OMHL). The project consists in technical greening interventions aimed at creating cool islands of vegetation and spaces for urban agriculture.

Verdis sites

  • Maisonnettes Berthelet
  • Terrasses George Jutras
  • Habitations Bienville


Urban heat islands are harmful for the environment and public health. Greening asphalted and concrete spaces reduces their negative effects and makes living environments more beautiful. In some ways, greening also reduces isolation and social exclusion, as well as tensions between residents.


Participatory greening in five steps:

  • Understand

    Information meeting with tenants
    Increase awareness of heat islands and their impacts.
  • Explore

    Design Workshop
    Create designs and plans by integrating the residents’ ideas and suggestions.
  • Decide

    Validation Workshop
    Decide on the designs with the residents according to budgetary and technical constraints (choice of plants, choice of urban furniture, etc.).
  • Act

    Planting Workshop
    Plant perennials and shrubs with tenants to encourage the maintenance and upkeep of the improvements.
  • Inaugurate and Assess

    Impact Assessment
    Satisfaction assessment survey and inauguration to celebrate the improvements made.


  • Create cool islands of vegetation in public housing complexes in Longueil
  • Involve families and residents in improving their living environments
  • Create a feeling of pride and belonging and develop support networks and good relationships between neighbours


  • Nine participatory workshops during which 289 residents were able to discuss heat islands, greening and the design of their living environments.
  • More than 1,000 plants (122 trees, 525 shrubs, 244 perennials, 57 climbing plants) planted
  • A community garden and 12 small urban agriculture gardens
  • A green parking space with a bioretention system
  • Urban furniture installed for tenants: pergola, picnic table, benches, toys for kids made out of recycled material, rain barrels, gardening shed, arbor, etc.

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