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Jane’s Walk

Jane’s Walk is held in honour of Jane Jacobs, a writer and activist who strongly influenced urban planning in North America. For this event, “walking conversations” are led over the same weekend in over one hundred cities around the world. The 7th edition of the Montréal Jane’s Walk will take place in 2015.


Jane Jacobs prioritized walking as a means of urban transportation. She valued citizen knowledge, the history and symbolism of places, and community networking. Jane's Walk is a way for people to see their cities through citizens’ eyes.


  • • Walk Leaders

    A citizen initiative
    Walk leaders may include citizens, representatives of organizations or elected officials. Anyone who wants to lead a Jane’s Walk may do so.
  • • Location

    All over Montréal
    In 2013, walks were held in 18 boroughs and municipalities in and around Montréal. A number of other cities in Quebec and over one hundred cities around the world participated in the event.
  • Date

    May 2015
    Jane’s Walk takes place over the first weekend of May. It kicks off Pedestrian Week, which is held by the MUEC.
  • Themes

    Walks for everyone
    Architecture, history, social movements, public art and urban agriculture are only some of the themes that are offered.
  • Participants

    Open to everyone
    The walks are free and open to everyone. Registration opens on the MUEC’s website in April.

How to participate

Want to lead a Jane’s Walk in your neighbourhood? Subscribe to our newsletter and watch for a call for citizens sent out in February.


  • 2009: 19 walks, 475 participants
  • 2010: 18 walks, 425 participants
  • 2011: 27 walks, 770 participants
  • 2012: 52 walks, 1,700 participants
  • 2013: 57 walks, 1,760 participants
  • 2014: 96 walks, 1,520 participants

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