Our impact

Since 1996, the MUEC has enabled thousands of citizens to actively participate in urban development projects and organizations and decision makers to design safe, user-friendly public spaces that meet the needs of their citizens. We develop the power of citizens and increase the capacity of communities to act together to build cities on a human scale.

Our playground

We act in the public space where we propose practices and policies aimed at the development of cities on a human scale.

Our interventions are particularly targeted at the local level; in the space where the city is experimented on foot or by bicycle. It's in the streets, parks, public squares, urban wasteland, etc. that our vision of cities on a human scale applies.

Our approach

In its approach, the Centre promotes the combination of citizen and professional knowledge by proposing sustainable management solutions for cities on a human scale and involving the citizens in the transformation of their living environment.

Notre impact

We share our expertise with local and international communities in Montréal, Québec and Canada.

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