Urban Ecology

After more than 20 years of existence, the Centre now displays a beautiful maturity. The citizen is still the center of our actions, an actor of his living environment at the heart of our priorities. It illustrates the resolute direction of the Centre: to encourage the transformation of cities, for and especially by those who live in them.

His approach always places the human being at the heart of concerns and means of action. It is in the public space that the city is deployed on a human scale and our approach focuses on urban ecology.

We propose a city with a human scale generating solutions to act on the current challenges of the cities.

Urban what?

Urban ecolofy considers the city as a human-made ecosystem to meet its needs.

The notion of ecosystem illustrates the independance of all its components - the environment, individuals, society, economy and governance.

Thus, urban ecology affirms the need for cities to be sustainable and regenerative for the benefit of those who live there, and promotes a systemic and collaborative approach in order to achieve this.

City on human scale

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