The MUEC thrives on expertise and multiple complementary skills. Its professionals have in-depth knowledge of many techniques for creating green, democratic and healthy cities. They also know how to guide citizens and decision-makers along the path towards social innovation.

Véronique Fournier Courriel

Véronique Fournier, Executive Director

With tremendous drive and thoughtfulness, Veronique deftly steers the MUEC in an ever-changing environment. Through leadership she is able to rally both her team members and city-makers.

Her playground of choice has always been the neighbourhood. Véronique has over 15 years of experience in community involvement, through promoting local development, innovation, social economy as well as urban policies.

Isabelle Gaudette Email

Isabelle Gaudette, Team Leader, Participatory Democracy and Citizenship; Community Organizer

Miss Citizen ensures information accessibility and the participation of ordinary people in urban issues.

17 years of experience in community organization, facilitation and collective action.

Alexandra Coelho Email

Alexandra Coelho, Urban Planning Advisor

She moves from one team to another, travels from one project to another — from creating a community garden with citizens of a social housing development to implementing green, active and healthy neighbourhoods across Canada. She works on different aspects of projects that improve living environments.

8 years of experience in the coordination of environmental projects.

Odile Craig Email Linked in

Odile Craig, Urban Planning Advisor

Supports, inspires and gives stakeholders the tools to transform their neighbourhoods.

5 years of experience in socioeconomic revitalization and land-use planning in urban and rural areas.

Geneviève Rajotte Sauriol, Communications Advisor,
Public Relations; Community Organizer

Ensures the promotion of her team’s projects. She updates the website, posts on Facebook and tweets faster than you can blink an eye. If you’re a journalist, she’s the one to call.

4 years of experience in communications. On weekends, she works on her master’s degree in environment and looks after urban bees.

Anne Juillet Email Linked in

Anne Juillet, Team Leader, Urban Planning and Active Transportation; Urban Planning Advisor

Works actively to make our cities safer and friendlier for everyone. Spreads the word to those around her. Sometimes seen as a computer geek by her co-workers.

9 years of experience in managing transportation demand and improving transportation conditions in neighbourhoods.

Céline Caouette Email

Céline Caouette, Budgets and Accounting Advisor

In charge of administration and accounting.

Alexandre Guertin Email Linked in

Alexandre Guertin, Landscape Architect

Spends his time daydreaming or talking about greening and urban agriculture, or drawing landscaping plans and sketches. He’s the first one outside when it’s time to work.

5 years of field experience in landscaping and 2 years as a landscape architect and consultant.

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