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Réseau Quartiers verts

The Active Neighbourhoods Canada network is an innovative pan-Canadian partnership between the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre, the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation and Sustainable Calgary. Together, we are working to develop, pilot, refine, and share innovative approaches to co-designing active neighbourhoods. Read more

Ruelles bleues vertes

Rich with their 69 km of green lanes, Montrealers and municipal players are now very familiar with the concept of green lanes. With the addition of the blue variable to the concept, the Blue Green Lane initiative aims to enhance the potential of green lanes through the addition of advanced technology practices in sustainable stormwater management. Read more

Sous les pavés

Sous les pavés is a project that aims to demineralize by hand and in a participatory way a dozen public spaces in at least six regions of Quebec by 2020. It engages communities and citizens to adopt inspiring practices of adaptation to climate change. Read more