The MUEC offers services for the analysis of the built environment (buildings, infrastructure, equipment, transportation networks, greening potential, etc.). we also propose design solutions and use participatory techniques to support greening, urban agriculture, active transportation and neighbourhood design projects. Get an assessment of your needs >

Consulting your communities is an art form, and citizen participation is an activity that grows on you. Stakeholder involvement often makes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful project.

Consultation and support for participatory processes

  • Information meetings with citizens (preparation, facilitation, documentation)
  • Creation of follow-up committees and facilitation support
  • Working meetings with partners (preparation, facilitation, documentation)
  • Citizen participation activities (urban cafés, telephone, internet or paper surveys, photo booths, consultation booths, exploratory walks, and structured interviews or focus groups)
  • Design workshops with citizens
  • Design scenario validation booths
  • Mediation workshops
  • Participatory budget exercises
  • Public activities for presenting design scenarios
  • Validation of issues with partners and citizens
  • Intervention prioritization activities
  • Data analysis, graphic design, writing and map making
  • Public activities for presenting findings or publications
  • Conferences, awareness-raising activities or publications

Innovative practices cannot all be learned from books, and the practice of professional urban planning is always changing. Our professional training services allow you to broaden your horizons and discover new ways of working.

Professional training services

  • Module I: Creating a Neighbourhood Portrait (participatory urban planning methods and tools for analysing a neighbourhood’s built environment).
  • Module II: Implementing Design Solutions (solutions and typical designs that encourage and increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and participatory tools for identifying solutions to issues in the neighbourhood).

For getting your local transportation planning process off to the right start.

Assessment of local transportation and identification of issues

  • Professional workshop: research of design scenarios with teams of multidisciplinary professionals
  • Field studies (pedestrian potential, use of public spaces, pedestrian and cyclist counting, travel time study)

Do you want to make your living environment a more beautiful and cooler place to be? The professionals at the MUEC can help you draw up a portrait of your space’s greening potential.

Analysis of urban greening potential

  • Identification of greening potential
  • Site visit and ground survey
  • Taking photos; writing up of greening potential by area
  • Technical simulation of greening
  • Assessment of overall costs

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